Project Overview

The Trilogy Plains ASP is a statutory plan that was approved by the Town of Okotoks Council on June 26, 2023. The ASP provides a policy framework to guide the development of about 320 acres of land located directly north of Crystal Ridge Golf Club and Air Ranch Airport.

The ASP provides a framework for coordinated development in the area. Currently, existing development on the lands includes Holy Trinity Academy, St. James Church, a self-storage site, and four residential properties. The ASP will allow the opportunity for complementary open space, residential, and employment development in proximity to existing public service uses.

The Town of Okotoks has initiated an adjacent Area Structure Plan process (North Pointe ASP) to plan for future employment uses to the east of 48th Street E. The parallel ASP processes will help ensure synergies between the two ASP areas, including land uses, overall non-residential market demand, interface treatment, road network alignment, etc.

The Trilogy Plains ASP provides a high-level framework that addresses the following:

  • Community vision and guiding principles;

  • Policy and regulatory framework;

  • Plan area conditions, opportunities and constraints;

  • Surrounding area conditions, opportunities and constraints;

  • Residential land uses, density and projected population;

  • Non – residential land uses, employment density and projected jobs;

  • Open space network;

  • Pedestrian and vehicular circulation;

  • Water, Sanitary and Stormwater utility servicing systems; and,

  • Phasing of development within plan area.

Location and Context

The plan area is located in the north portion of Okotoks, within lands annexed by the Town in 2017. The land is bound by key transportation corridors including 32nd Street to the east, 338th Ave to the north, and 48th Street on the east. The subject site is directly north of Crystal Ridge Golf Club and Air Ranch Airport.

Plan Area Conditions

The ASP plan area slopes from north to south, with the highest elevation point in the NW corner. The majority of the site is cultivated land.

Other existing uses include:

  • Four private residences;

  • Agricultural land;
  • Public Services:

    • Holy Trinity School
    • James Church
  • RV and Self- Storage.

Environmental Features

Existing Land Use

The Trilogy Plains ASP was supported by baseline and technical studies and supplemented by feedback received through stakeholder and public engagement.

Baseline and Technical Reports to be completed in support of the ASP:

  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Preliminary Geotechnical Assessment
  • Biophysical Overview
  • Historical Resources Overview
  • Transportation Impact Assessment
  • Sanitary, Water, and Stormwater Servicing Reports
  • Non-Residential Market Assessment

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