MDP Land Use Concept

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a statutory plan that outlines the land-use planning and development for the Town of Okotoks. The main purpose of the MDP is to provide guidance on the long-range planning and physical growth of the Town. “Uniquely Okotoks” (MDP) was approved by Okotoks Council in December 2020. The MDP includes a ‘Future Land Use Concept’ that illustrates the high-level land uses for the proposed ASP area. Future uses include:

Proposed MDP Land Use

ASP Land Use Concept

The Trilogy Plains ASP land use concept is informed by The Town’s Municipal Development Plan Land Use Concept, baseline studies, technical evaluation and feedback provided by plan area landowners, the public, and the Town of Okotoks.

To view the ASP Application, including a detailed explanation of the Land Use Concept, click here or visit the Resources Tab.

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