Trilogy Plains ASP Approved

The project team is pleased to announce that the Trilogy Plains Area Structure Plan (ASP) was approved by the Town of Okotoks Council on June 26, 2023. The approved version of the Trilogy Plan ASP can be found here. We appreciate the public’s time and feedback provided throughout the process. Please reach out should you have any comments or questions.

Lamont Land has secured approval of the Trilogy Plains Area Structure Plan (ASP). The approved ASP shall guide the future development of approximately 320 acres of land in north Okotoks. The ASP is a long-term policy document that will give direction for more detailed planning stages including subsequent Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan, Land Use Amendment, and Subdivision applications.

The Trilogy Plains ASP process:

  • Identifies opportunities and constraints within the site

  • Establishes a future transportation network

  • Identifies future neighbourhood boundaries

  • Establishes a general future land use concept with:

    • Residential Areas
    • Commercial and Employment Areas
    • Open Spaces and a Pathway Network
    • Future School Site Locations
    • Interface Areas
  • Establishes a water, sanitary, and stormwater servicing strategy

  • Establishes a comprehensive policy to supplement the land use and servicing strategy

  • Identifies a phasing and implementation strategy

  • Guides lower tiered planning efforts (i.e.  Neighbourhood Area Structure Plans, land use and subdivision matters)

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